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This page was designed to inform clients of the importance of detailing a vehicle when it is brand new. It is often thought that a vehicle is well protected when it leaves the manufacturer, however that is not the case. An automobile is actually at its most vulnerable state at that time. The vehicle needs to be properly corrected, conditioned and protected in order to prevent any long term damage and begin a maintenance schedule for the life of a vehicle.

This page was also set up to give a general understanding of our top level detail process, the “Reserve Detail Treatment.” This treatment ensures the utmost care for your vehicle with an superlative detail process that takes many hours to complete.

The following car was brand new at the time of this detail. It was delivered to the owner the day before it was brought in for service, and was not was not driven until then. The process for this car took about 7.5 hours.

The new vehicle arrives and an initial assessment is completed.

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This vehicle had a fair amount of dirt and bugs on the front bumper, hood, side mirrors and windshield from transport.

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Dirt & Brake Dust on wheels, tires and wheel wells from delivery to the customer.

Dirt, Dust & Pollen on the exterior surfaces from transport.

Manufacturer polish build-up around lights. This is often tough to see, but very common. While the car is not protected when it leaves the manufacturer, they will give the paint a polish to have a shine when it is sold on the dealer lot.

Dirt and loose debris in the trunk/hard-top storage area.

Dirt and scuff marks throughout the interior. When a vehicle’s surfaces are not protected, marks can not be resisted.

Dirt fingerprints on the door.

Fingerprints and streaks on the Navigation/Information Display.

Loose debris hidden in the interior of vehicle.

Glue residue from plastic protective linings on center console.

At this point, the “Reserve Detail Treatment” begins.

A thorough vacuum to clean-up any dirt, dust and loose debris.

Trunk and Floor Mats are shampooed in order to remove spotting from transport and to help protect from future use.

The interior vinyl, plastic and leather is now cleaned to remove all dirt spots and conditioned to help defer dust build-up and prevent against staining. The leather is cleaned using a glycerin-rich, pH balanced cleaner and conditioned using a leather preservative in order to give a soft feel and long lasting protection.

The vehicle is then moved outside for a wash. In order to prep for the wash the vehicle is power washed to remove any dirt and debris that may scratch the paint surface.

The wheels, tires and wheel-wells are completely scrubbed to remove all dirt, tar and brake-dust.

The vehicle is then completely washed by hand using an ultra-soft wash mitt. Washing by hand allows the detailer to make sure all parts of the car are cleaned and examine the paint as the process is done.

After the wash, the vehicle is moved back into the garage and dried using a forced air blow-dry system.

After the forced air blow-dry process is complete, there is minor water spots that remain. The car is now toweled entirely dry using ultra soft microfiber detail towels.

The vehicle is then assessed for any imperfections in the paint such as clear coat scratching and surfacing scuffing. These imperfections are then taken out using our proprietary system.

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A Glaze is then applied to give the car a high gloss shine and smooth out any polish surface marks.

A liquid polymer wax is applied to give the car a wet look, high-gloss, show car shine.

A high concentrate carnauba wax is then applied by hand to give the car an ultra hard protective shell for superb water beading action and to lock in the work completed in the Reserve detail.

The wax is then removed from the paint.

The work completed on the paint produces superior shine results.

The tires are then shined to give a them a dark high gloss look.

The Reserve Treatment is now complete, the following are pictures of the end result when it is delivered back to the owner.
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