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Executive Auto Detail is a state authorized service center for drivers that are required to have an Ignition interlock installed and maintained in their vehicle. We are available to answer any questions you may have throughout this process and offer quick, easy and flexible service appointments to help minimize any vehicle downtime.

Our convenient location in downtown Beverly is easily accessible from many north shore communities.

Executive auto detail services the Intoxalock, by consumer safety technologies, inc (CST). The Intoxalock is a state-of-the-art breath alcohol monitoring device. When a breath sample is submitted, the Intoxalock tests the sample for the presence of alcohol. Using a fuel cell technology developed by Intoxalock for the ignition interlock industry, the device will display the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) of the sample on the LED screen.

Call for more information on costs, scheduling an installation, or for any other questions you may have. 978-922-1313
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